Restoration Health is passionate about providing high quality wellness services designed to enhance mind, body and spirit.  We are committed to excellent customer service, providing education and working with clients to identify imbalances in their life.   Based on this information we will develop a whole body plan, incorporating dietary and lifestyle changes, that allow people to reclaim their health.  

Aside from the air we breath and the thoughts we think, food is the next largest stimulus in an individual’s life; as such, good nutrition is one of the cornerstones of health and well being. The power of nutrition can help you lose weight, boost your mood, support your brain function, reduce allergies, enhance immunity, improve your sleep, manage digestive health and provide numerous other benefits.   

In addition to nutritional counseling, Restoration Health is proud to offer Love Yourself - Heal Your Life workshops in the philosophy of Louise Hay.  These are powerful and transformational workshops designed to help you achieve the life you truly desire.  We have upwards of 90,000 thoughts per day - you can learn how to use those thoughts in positive ways to enhance your happiness.

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Let's work together.  Whether you need some fine-tuning or a comprehensive assessment and plan I can work with you to develop the best service for your individual needs.  

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Do you find it difficult to know what you should and shouldn't do to ensure your health and well being?  Find information on a variety of topics like improving thyroid function, managing digestive health, organic vs. conventional food, enhancing immunity, reducing your toxic load and many others.