005 Life After Crohn's

Patti struggled with health issues her entire life and was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  She spent countless days in hospital, taking all kinds of drugs and ultimately had surgery to remove large portions of her intestine.  Despite this aggressive medical approach she remained unwell and debilitated until she woke up one morning and decided a change was in order.   Hear what she did to reclaim her health and start living a life full of health and vitality.  

004 A Mother’s Journey To Save Her Son

Shelley noticed bizarre and erratic behavior in her 4 year old son every time he ate food coloring.  The doctor thought she was crazy.  She also started to notice explosive outbursts when her son consumed gluten.  Once again, the doctors told Shelley she was imagining things.  Hear about Shelley’s tireless journey to help her son and find out what was underlying his peculiar behavior.  Her story will inspire you to look closer at the food your family is eating and whether it is as healthy as you think.  

003 An Olympian Shares His Story

John Morris is a firefighter, professional athlete, Olympic Medalist, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Natural Gourmet Chef.   John is one of the busiest people on the planet and yet, he is able to maintain vibrant and robust health.  Learn John’s top 3 tips to stay healthy, the kind of food he uses to enhance athletic performance and what we need to live well into our 90’s and 100’s.  

002 Never Too Old To Start Over

Susan was 72 when she first met Patti.  She was morbidly obese, walking with a cane, having difficulty breathing, struggling with joint pain and taking a number of pharmaceuticals.  Within one year, Susan had dropped 4 sizes, was walking with ease, she was no longer pre-diabetic, her breathing issues were gone and she was working out with a trainer 3 days/week!  Her story is inspirational to young and old.  Find out how Susan made friends with food and reclaimed her power and her life.

001 Managing Cancer Naturally

In this podcast, Patti interviews Linda who sought out Patti’s services in an attempt to avoid dying like the rest of her family.  After making significant gains, Linda was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer.  Armed with determination and a fierce belief in natural healing, Linda resolved to manage her cancer naturally and holistically.  Hear her story and how she is thriving, living life to the fullest and loving her tumor to death.