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I have worked, professionally and personally, with a number of medical and wholistic providers over the years but I have seldom met someone with Patti’s knowledge, experience, commitment, and passion. Her assessment and feedback have provided me with a thorough understanding of my nutritional needs, and her recommendations have allowed me to start immediately, on a daily basis, to improve my health and strengthen my system. Thanks, Patti!
— Dr. Barb Jameson Ph.D. R. Psych.
Patti was fantastic to work with. She was knowledgeable, resourceful, and passionate about health. She provided nutrition advice that was considerate of our family’s limited time and finances and also specific to our preschooler’s medical issues. She even provided me with easy, practical recipes to support my daughter’s health! This was a great experience!
— Melanie G.
I went through a significant life trauma a few years ago and have been adapting to subsequent life changes. I hadn’t realized it, but I slowly let my health deteriorate. I was overweight and feeling rundown as well as struggling with acid reflux, insomnia and IBS.
Since following Patti’s dietary recommendations and taking specific supplements on top of increasing activities that boost my health, I have noticed significant changes in my health, energy levels and weight loss. All this in only a few short months and I’m still going strong!
I appreciate Patti’s holistic approach; her vast knowledge; creative ideas, and compassion. She has helped me to maintain a healthy body both physically and emotionally and has supported and encouraged me along the way!
— Jennifer C.