Initial Consult

This is a 15-20 minute, no obligation,  phone consultation to review your needs and goals and determine if my services are right for you.  

Basic Nutritional Assessment

In the basic assessment you will complete an intake package that provides me an understanding of your lifestyle, food intake, primary health concerns, history and personal goals.  Based on this information I will design a customized plan to optimize your health and help you achieve your goals; during our 1 hour meeting you will receive detailed information about what body systems are out of balance and how you can bring those systems back to a balanced state and enhance your overall health through customized recommendations on diet, supplement and lifestyle changes.

Full Nutritional Assessment

The full nutritional assessment starts out the same as the basic.  However, in addition to your one hour meeting you will receive 2 thirty minute follow up visits to help monitor your progress, measure your success and address any challenges you may have staying on track.   I also offer the opportunity for you to email in between appointments with questions.   If you are looking for sustainable,  life changing, long term results this is the service for you.   

Follow up Services

If you have already had the basic or full nutritional assessment and require a little extra support then this is just what you need.  It's a 30 minute session designed to rejuvenate your commitment, keep you on track and offer additional suggestions or recommendations to keep you moving towards your goal.

Menu Planning

Is your health on track?   No concerns or issues?   Maybe you are just looking for healthy, nutritious meals for the family that are quick, easy to prepare, nutrient dense and also delicious? Then perhaps this service is for you.   After a 30 - 45 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs I will develop a 7 day menu plan for your family dinners complete with recipes.  I can also provide specialty plans/menus for more specific needs such as, healthy kid friendly lunches.  


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Workshop: Love Yourself - Heal Your Life

Discover The Power That Is Within You!

One Day Seminar - Only 36 spots available!

Identify limiting beliefs and how they may be sabotaging your health.
Learn how thoughts shape our future and how they can bring about health, happiness and success.
Practice how to create and use powerful affirmations to achieve what you truly want in your life.
Explore how nutrition can impact thoughts and learn what foods will enhance mood and support positive thinking.

Snacks (fruit and bars), water and tea will be provided.

When: November 28th 9:30 - 4:40

Location: Self Connection
4611 Bowness Rd NW

Contact Us for more information.